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' messaging app app has some really cool and unique features.

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Messenger up to date, Facebook chat has been integrated into the latest version, along with social games like Mafia Wars.

However, this doesn't actually retract the messages from the conversation; clearing the conversation just clears the history so that you can't go looking through the texts.

Messenger may not be as commonly used as other instant messaging services, but it nonetheless offers users a wide range of excellent service and great features. Messenger and the email service is that you receive a notification each time you get a new email, so you won’t miss a thing. The buddy list is really easy to use, listing both online and offline contacts. Users can also utilize the service to call cell phones and landline phones.

It supports all the same functions as the regular version.

Yahoo Messenger lets you delete, or unsend a message so that it will be removed from the conversation for anyone else who's a part of it. For instance, if you sent the message "Bye" but later changed your mind and want it deleted, you can unsend it even if the other person has read it already.