Wine and dating

It has already signed up eight ambassadors – all wine professionals or with a wine background – to promote the site in the Netherlands, Japan, Romania, Turkey, USA, Italy, Morocco and France.‘There are so many dating websites out there, but I could only find one small one in the US that is aimed at wine lovers, and that is closed to anyone outside America,’ Pauly told ‘Yet there are over 2200 groups with wine in the title on Linked In alone, and wine lovers are already sharing ideas on countless blogs and social media sites.This combines the social media aspect with a dating website.’ The first 1,000 members will receive free membership, and fees after that will be between €15-€18 per month depending on the country.Scientists are optimistic about the techniques as a means to combat fraud in rare foods and beverages.Vinea Love is aimed at wine aficionados and professionals alike, and will be available in several languages.Connect with true oenophiles and others who consider themselves wine aficionados and share your love for the venerated grape on a date.

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Meet single women and men who know their chardonnays and cabernet sauvignons from their viogniers and zinfandels.

With such high prices at stake, the Antique Wine Company hopes the test will help put an end to counterfeiting.

Who better than Sarah Liberatore who is the founder of the popular Italian wine brand, STLTO (, which is wine that is created by all women for women – to provide you with some amazing wine tips for men!

Needless to say, she’s had some practice so don’t underestimate her. Even the best wine veterans overdo it sometimes and get in over their heads.

Grape Vine Social Wine Tasting Dating Parties are a great way to meet new people without the pressures of speed dating.