Why women play games dating

I do not let him know about the texts from other guys (even if it's just a text from my gay friend or a guy who’s asking me for help on an assignment).

When she's just not that into you, she won’t care if you know who called or texted.

Even if she said she fell asleep early or left her phone at work, she's probably just not that into you.

So, men, listen up because we're about to have a conversation; here’s why women are playing the same game as men: When I really like someone, regardless if there is another man in the picture, I will never let him know.

Would really like both male and female perspectives on this...thanks Men want a challenge so we try to give them a challenge. To me playing games is a bad way to start a relationship. Head games are just total inconsiderstion for the other person and I find that to include many other aspects of the relationship as well.

If I am dating someone I will not beat around the bush.. That is just my opinion..involved emotionally your heart is on the line. If you're truly looking for someone to be with then leave the head games behind.

Trust me: there’s nothing worse than getting controlled and dominated by a woman in a relationship! She will intentionally try to make you jealous because she knows that you will end up trying harder to impress her when you do so. If you stay confident in your skin and do not react to what she says in any way, she will eventually get tired of her game (it’s just a matter of time.) She will then realize that you aren’t affected by petty things like jealousy anymore.

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They will do this often when your first meeting a potential mate but it happens during a long term relationships too and the reason is the same.

So as a way to find they play games as a way to test that.....basically to test a guy in seeing if they truly are interested in them. One example I previously mentioned in the first paragraph, when a girl at a bar shows interest in you but then suddenly runs off to talk to other people and your wondering what the heck just happened, she is actually seeing if you will now come to chase her...see if you REALLY are interested in her.

In other words when a women plays a game it is often a good thing, it often means the girl does like you.

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I'm just curious to know what all your thoughts are on the fact that women accuse men of playing games and they dont want that yet every relationship ive been in for the last two years has had more games caused by the woman then i care to talk about.