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Though he couldn't say for sure, Fisher said it's possible the judge in the case was swayed by an emotional address Ma gave the court during the proceeding, during which she addressed the victim directly."Remy Ma spoke to the court and movingly spoke to the victim, who was in court, to share with her how sorrowful she was about what happened to her," Fisher said.The former Terror Squad member, however, denied the charge."I haven't been with a girl ever in my life," she said.I'm glad to say you found a great man @papoosepapoose the wedding was incredible.Me & @lolamilan1 was shaking our ass all night god bless! One day after her planned jailhouse nuptials to fellow rapper Papoose were called off due to a misunderstanding about an alleged skeleton key Pap was wearing when he showed up at Rikers Island prison, the MC was sentenced to eight years in prison.

He held it down better than some of my best friends that I grew up with and…family members.

"It was an extremely moving moment, where she expressed how badly she felt about the tragedy of being shot and that she was very, very sorry it happened to Makeda." The rapper burst into tears as the sentence was read, and Fisher described her state as "benumbed," "very emotional" and "sobbing." The lawyer said Ma "spoke to the court about the impact the sentence would have on her son [who is 7 years old]." Both Remy Ma and Fisher have said that the shooting was an accident.

After the sentence was handed down, The Associated Press reported that Papoose screamed, "All you want is money!

According to Remy Ma's lawyer, Ivan Fisher, the New York Supreme Court sentenced her to eight years in prison on Tuesday for charges of assault, weapons possession and attempted coercion.

Fisher said the prosecution had originally requested a 13-year sentence — less than the max of 25 years she was facing — but the judge in the case gave the rapper eight years, which Fisher plans to appeal very soon.