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Yesterday, the Fashion and music world was simultaneously struck when news of designer L’Wren Scott’s passing came to light.

The 49-year-old girlfriend of Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger took her life by hanging herself from a doorknob, proving that though women in her position may have fame and fortune, celebrities are not without their inner demons, either.

announced the exciting news via Instagram on Thursday evening. During the week, he sleeps in one room, I sleep in the other," Edwina told "For the first two years I would wake him up every morning at 3am and let’s be honest, nothing exciting is happening between a couple at 3am when one is going to work and one person is trying to sleep," she added."So we just kind of decided that that was the best solution for us to be able to function as a couple because we just started to resent each other in terms of he could just never go back to sleep, we were both tired and then it was just a total disaster.”"So that’s been one of the secrets for us.

The 33-year-old uploaded a stunning photo of herself alongside her husband-to-be, a digital journalist, taken on the farm they purchased together just outside Lithgow.“On this day, two wonderful weeks ago, the love of my life @neilwrites asked me to be his wife,” Edwina wrote.“And I said… I guess date night comes on the weekends when we can actually spend time together and sleep in the same bed.

A palace source allegedly told the publication that Kylie, 48, has spent several nights in the past two weeks with Andrew, 57.‘Andrew is 100% smitten,’ the insider said before adding that the pair are ‘inseparable’.

We love the pretty frill detail and spring-chic floral print on this number that looks extremely elegant on the pop princess.Unfortunately, Miss Scott is just one Hollywood starlet who wasn’t able to overcome her trials and tribulations and committed suicide by hanging herself.We remember those members of the entertainment industry who departed the same way here.‘Kylie is someone that Her Majesty would welcome into the royal family with open arms.Everyone’s hoping this romance goes the distance,’ an insider reportedly revealed.