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But I suppose this kind of overly sweeping statement gets people irritated by the way in which it reduces a whole generation of women into deceptive sperm-harvesting condom raiders, man-milk snatchers on a mission to get themselves up the duff by any means necessary.On the other hand, there's more than one way to look at Liz Jones.' I have had my overdraft at Nat West since 1989 and have not been in the black since.The other day, I discovered I had £2,596 to go before I hit my limit but instead of thinking 'Oh dear, I'm nearly £13,000 in the red', I thought: 'Hoorah!The Mail on Sunday has printed a very irresponsible article by Liz Jones, and published a photograph alongside that is both misleading and upsetting.She has caused an enormous amount of distress amongst disabled people, and wasted a significant amount of the charity’s resources.

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That's comforting, because it means no-one gets hurt if we slag her off, because we're essentially just finishing off the effacing that she's already started; and besides, it's just a character, rather than a human being in these columns, maybe with elements of truth and elements of fiction. Let's assume that the Liz Jones who appears in print is not some confection or caricature, and that every word is true.But please don't feel sufficiently buoyed to go out and celebrate with a £9 glass of bubbly (nibbles extra).Well, I have a £15,000 overdraft limit at Nat West and a £8,000 limit at Santander.That's why Attorney General Bob Ferguson has released a 50-page guide that lays out best practices and policies.A so-called ‘dreamer’ recently arrested near Seattle will remain in immigration detention.

Who is journalist liz jones dating