Who is ingrid dating

Hannah and Ingrid shared so many posts and selfies with one another over on their respective social sites, but now the posts are nowhere to be found as the two split back in January 2016.

Despite the two splitting, they both took over their respective Twitter accounts to share the news that they still remain good friends.

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You Tube sensation who posts fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content to her self-titled channel, which was originally called Miss Glamorazzi.It's so good." Hannah goes on to explain how nice it is to date someone who understands what you are going through.Ingrid being in the You Tube community just makes everything easier. It is good to know that Hannah and Ingrid held no hard feelings towards one another and continued being good friends.Following the split between Hannah and Ingrid, Hannah is currently dating Buzzfeed video producer Ella Mielniczenko but who is Ingrid, who stands over 5' 4" in height dating?