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After sitting in a stranger's jewelry box for decades, the long-lost bracelet of a World War II veteran is finally in the hands of his daughter.Now, she's relearning the story of her parents' love.However, several relationships ended badly, resulting in heartache – and even court cases – for many of those concerned, and the issue prompted concern at high levels of society.One bishop warned against the practice which he said led to “disastrous” consequences.The study shows how tens of thousands of women left at home were encouraged by their local communities to form friendships with soldiers at the front by writing to them.Many of these correspondence swiftly led to marriage.

Berkman, who says she had no idea the bracelet even existed until now, is "very, very, very happy it's come home."The bracelet, which is engraved with Silverman's name and serial number on the front, and the message "I'll always love you, Ann" on the back, was a priceless memento of Berkman's parents' union."It was a way of, you know, being immediately remembered.Something you could touch even though you were separated by distance and time," Berkman explains. The illustrations are examples and I am not showing all of the varieties that exist of each type. Categorizing early disks into a Type I and a Type II was originally the idea of Charles A.When I call a disk a one-piece or two-piece only the front of the disk is considered and not the various attaching parts on the back of the insignia.