Victoria prince dating kevin federline

"That was at the, like, height of everything and you're thrown into this thing and you're thrown into that thing and the in-between stuff.

New pictures of the romantic proposal have emerged, and an unsuspecting Victoria is seen looking shocked as Kevin gets down on bended to knee while she's playing a game of pool with their daughter Jordan Kay in the suite of their Las Vegas hotel.

PHOTOS: Britney and her boys "Kevin told her he was going to Vegas for a job, but he surprised her by proposing and [then plans on] marrying her while they are there," the insider told Us."Victoria really wanted this for a long time so she's gotta be blown away.She's proven herself with him from day one." "It's about time Kevin got over Britney and went on with life," the source added.The couple separated shortly before their son's birth.After the separation, Federline began a relationship with pop singer Britney Spears.