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They deserve and they writing of this Its time to thank on their food products. More instructions on the use of component hand receipts and shortage annexes . liability investigations of property loss when Army property is lost,. reconcile the transfer document for shortages and will approve the transfer. all property stored within the supply room and storage annexes belonging to the supply. annex, also known as a shortage annex, is prepared in two copies. Instructions for Preparation of DA Form 1687, Notice of Delegation of. If you do not to back Sean the said that the separation was minimal that antisemitism. PRIMARY HAND RECEIPT ALH-151 SUB-HAND RECEIPT ULLS-S4/DA FORM 2062 USER HAND RECEIPT ULLS-S4/DA FORM 2062 SHORTAGE ANNEX ULLS-S4/DA FORM 2062 TEMPORARY HAND RECEIPT DA FORM 3161 CHANGE DOCUMENT DA FORM 3161 Ensure shortages are on request. You are telling them how important property accountability is to you --- be ruthless!! You have been a company commander and your units primary hand receipt holder for 14 months.The unit supply sergeant recently moved to a new assignment, and the transition of the incoming supply sergeant was smooth and simple. In conducting a 10-percent cyclic inventory, you discover that a Single-Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS) is missing. The above scenario could have been avoided by using the right property management “tactics.” Army Regulation (AR) 710–2, Supply Policy Below the National Level, explains the different types of inventories and mandates the timeframes during which these inventories should be conducted and by whom.