Validating distress thermometer tool screen

It isn't just the snorer's spouse who is getting hurt.Snorers' sleep cycles are often disrupted, and they may be waking up many times during the night, even when they are not consciously aware of what is happening.With a team of experienced pediatricians, child care health consultants, child care directors, and family child care providers, we collected stories, ideas, and strategies that support "The Standard of the Month".Feel free to share this information in your newsletters. If you are stating specific standards (this includes the comments and rationale), please cite, depending on where the standard came from.This study evaluates the Distress Thermometer (DT) with young people diagnosed with cancer.The DT is a widely used distress screening tool and has been validated with adults, but young people especially those under 18 years have previously been excluded from studies.Hearing and dealing with the news of a cancer diagnosis is typically associated with high levels of distress for adolescents and young adults (AYAs).

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In this study, we tested the validity of the DT in a population of Singapore cancer outpatients, and determined the cut-off scores on the DT for clinically relevant distress and an impaired quality of life (QOL).

As such, there is currently no validated instrument to measure distress in this group.

In addition to validating the DT for AYAs, this study also looks at prevalence and predictors of distress for AYAs with cancer.

We also documented the prevalence of anxiety, depression, and QOL impairments in this population.

One hundred and five patients (Mdn age=51-60years, 64% female, and 71% Chinese) diagnosed with various cancers participated in this study.

Validating distress thermometer tool screen