Updating my laptops ram

First it's important to check which version of Windows 8 you're running.You'll need a 64-bit version to take advantage of more than 4GB of RAM, which is the limit for the 32-bit editions.Even if you buy a prebuilt desktop PC, its motherboard may come with empty RAM slots and empty PCI Express slots so you can install more RAM and expansion cards.Some manufacturers may try to make upgrading their prebuilt desktop PCs more difficult, but even those PCs aren’t as difficult to upgrade as the average laptop. You don’t build your own laptop — instead, you buy a prebuilt laptop from a manufacturer.Note that, depending on the number of memory slots in your PC and the capacity of any installed chips, you may have to remove and replace your existing memory chips rather than simply adding to them.

HELPROOM ANSWER Based on the information you've supplied, the short answer is, "maybe".It’s generally a bad idea to buy a laptop with plans to upgrade it later.Buy the hardware you need to avoid headaches later.You can open it by twisting a few screws and get easy access to all the hardware in the case.Components you install aren’t permanent, but can be removed and replaced later.