Updating firmware on kodak c813 camera

Kodak Easy Share Softwarer is a freeware and compatible with Windows Vista/XP and 7.

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The Easyshare C813 is a discontinued digital camera made by Kodak.

We will endeavour to solve these as soon as possible.Exposures are determined using multi-pattern TTL metering, and 2.0EV of exposure compensation is offered in 1/2EV increments.Five white balance settings are available including an auto mode, and ISO sensitivity is controlled automatically from 80 to 200, or manually from 80 to 1250 equivalents.I can still mount it on my Acer Netbook just fine, it is only in Jaunty that I am having problems.You could reported it here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/ source/f-spot/ bug/258083 That was my next step, thank you. I do not use F-Spot; instead, I use Showfoto, which has never given me any problems under GNOME in the past. Maybe I'm reading the Launchpad replies incorrectly, but I got the feeling people were saying this is an issue with F-Spot; I don't think this is the case.