Updating exchange 2016 certificate

A user was trying out the new Office 2016 and ran into a problem.He wanted to configure his Exchange account manually, by entering the server names, but Outlook 2016 doesn't have that option for Exchange accounts: I recently upgraded to Office 2016 from Office 2013 and the Exchange account wouldn't work.This can be an internal CA or a third-party CA, depending on your organization.Clients that connect to the Mailbox server must trust the CA that you use.Similarly, a Service Connection Point (SCP) object is also created in Active Directory at the same time.

When you install Exchange 2016, a virtual directory named autodiscover is automatically created under default web site in IIS.If you decide to re-use a certificate, the host names you've configured on the Exchange 2016 virtual directories must match the host names configured on the SSL certificate.After you've saved the certificate request, submit the request to your CA.Working with SSL certificates in an Exchange environment can be easy! For several years, Digi Cert has partnered with Microsoft to help meet the SSL security needs of the Exchange server platform.From this partnership we have developed the expertise needed to help you and your organization with your Exchange SSL certificate needs.