Updating avocado green bathroom

The tub and toilet were mint green, but the sink was blue, and the toilet seat was white.

The retro 1950's vibe had been lost during a seventies re"muddle".

Who would think that avocado and aqua could co-exist peacefully? This is the this bathroom has ever looked, just by working with the colors that are here.Avocado green and other colors were all the rage beginning in the late '60s and lasting through the late '70s for bathroom tubs, sinks and toilets.Over the years, avocado bathrooms went out of style, but not all of them went away."For the remodel, the only way to replace the counters would involve taking out the backsplash and cracking the mirrors.Instead, I decided to leave the Formica countertop and use Granite Transformations, which is emulsified granite in an epoxy base that they pour over existing laminate.