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In hearing ‘fourteen’ children may expect to see the 4 appear first in the symbolic form because that is the number that comes first when they say it.

Seeing 14 and hearing ‘four – teen’ therefore has the potential for confusion.

It is a considerable conceptual shift for children to move from a face value understanding that a numeral represents a number of units that can be counted, to a place value understanding in which a numeral can represent a group or a number of groups that are in themselves made up of units that can be counted. As children study teen numbers and their meaning and structure (rather than simply ‘saying’ them in a counting sequence), the focus is on developing the understanding that the value of a digit depends on its place.

This is not trivial and it is made more challenging by the language of teen numbers. Children often confuse the number names such as ‘fourteen’ and ‘forty’ because the adult enunciation of the word endings is often unclear.

Our ski season may only run from late November through early April, but the spring and summer are never static here.

We will be working on a multitude of projects at the mountain to improve the customer experience, concentrating on: Don’t forget to visit us at Belleayre Beach this summer for some fun in the sun, the Belleayre Music Festival series, Your First Mud Run in July, The Overlook Mountain Bikes All Terrain challenge in August, the 10K Summit Endurance Challenge in late August/early September and of course the Annual Fall Festival over Columbus Day weekend.

Capture an image, then enhance it with your favorite filter to get the look you want.It has been a fantastic season here at Belleayre, but all good things must come to an end!Our success can only be credited to the continuous encouragement of you, our Belleayre family, friends and staff.With Epic Mix, all your activity on the slopes is automatically captured and uploaded to your Epic Mix dashboard.You can follow your days skied, track your vertical feet, see where you rode, earn Epic Mix pins for your achievements, and collect points.