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By applying Biblical principles, individuals will be: Rebuilding Lives, Restoring Families, & Reclaiming Our Community We will be responsible stewards of God's resources, emphasizing operational & financial performance with a continuous improvement mindset, resulting in long term financial sustainability.

Everything we do shall be with excellence for the honor & Glory of God These courses provide an individualized approach to discipleship training.

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RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS: Prospective adoptive parents do not have to reside in Croatia during the adoption process, but the Center for Social Welfare should be aware when they are and are not in the country.Teachers work in a group & one-on-one with each student, who in turn works through a series of Bible studies, character qualities, scripture memorization, and much more.All the studies focus on personal application today, helping new Christians discover practical ways of using these Biblical principles in their daily living.In reality almost no Croatian children are available for international adoption.There is a strong tradition of relative adoption, so most children never become available for adoption by any non-relatives, even within their own country.