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“Ever since [the Gosselin incident] happened I have been tortured, and my name has been scarred from that.

I came into the house wanting to clear the air, wanting love and I figured it would be a great experience,” Glassman says.

Severn Lang, 32 – Hairstylist/Bag designer from Los Angeles, Calif.I had no idea I would be verbally attacked at first,” Glassman says.Glassman came into the house wanting to clear her name, but the whole concept of the show — and of course Reese — led her down the road to become a reality TV starlet of her own.Christian O’Rourke, 32 – Drummer from Fair Haven, N. David Ellerman, 30 – Real estate company owner from Chicago, Ill.Dustin Tavella, 25 – Recording artist from Philadelphia, Penn. Marcello Palmieri, 27 – Actor/model from Los Angeles, Calif.