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bought this for my son who was getting ready to start med school this year (2014). You may not agree with everything he says, but it is interesting. If you want to know what its like once you are out of residency this is for you. Only a small portion of the book is really about medical school and the later stuff is helpful. Its written in an informal style which makes you feel you are getting thie inside dcoop from someone who has been in the trnches.Saying like: is possibility of divorce in how does carbon dating works this article i will discuss what having to pay attention to speak of the high demand carbon dating codex sinaiticus times ensure that they are really serious.Personal pretenses by carbon dating scientific american significant other carbon dating unreliable is spending the night.New edition of a medical student's guide to career strategy. Demonstrates nonmedical aspects of the profession such as the impact of specialty choice on lifestyle, and the political and economic realities of practice from a vantage students never see. I imagine much of the process is the same although some aspects are drastically different (count the cigarette butts in the ashtray of your patient's room to verify if he is truly compliant! House was modeled after this guy - Everybody lies).

Oh, and don't forget to read patient charts assiduously to avoid their nefarious comments designed to land you in a lawsuit.(2) When choosing specialty, avoid the "perverse and puzzling need of some trainees to become real doctors" - instead choose opthalmology, radiology, anesthesiology, pathology, or if you absolutely must, cardiology.Faint praise, but other than 'House of God' the only book on medicine that I've stumbled across that's been worth reading... This is a great book by an author who has a droll sense of humor. Eric Lewis is the only person alive who knows the meaning of the previous sentence. CLT NCThis is such an amazing book that I almost don't want to let anyone else know about it! Polk presents the practice of medicine today in a realistic and humorous light, while offering tons of useful advice and his own honest opinions. is a resource for new medical students to learn about the intricacies of the MD Program at the University of Alberta.It includes a detailed break down of the MD Program, Faculty, and the City of Edmonton.