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She was one of the greatest heroes, until The Annihilator seized control of her powers and turned her into the most dangerous villain in the universe.To save her from evil, they had her powers drained by Hapax the Elder.I used them to plan hikes and bike rides in the mountains and surf sessions on the coast in an attempt to separate the good from the bad. Here are four things to keep in mind when you’re picking your next weather app, followed by our favorite WApps (that’s weather apps) at the moment. Forecasts are fine and dandy, but I don’t trust any forecast, especially in the mountains, without also being able to see up-to-date radar. The best apps give you radar imaging that’s current within the last five minutes.A couple will give you a “future-cast” that predicts the track of the storm over the next 30 minutes to an hour. More apps are allowing users to input the weather around them to help dial in the immediate forecast in your area. Most weather apps focus on hyper local forecasting—what’s happening where you are right now.Next, Tavani plans to evaluate how TGFs might affect aircraft flying nearby.Researchers working on another mission, NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, announced in January that about 10 percent of the particles fired off by TGFs consist of positrons—the positively charged antimatter twins of electrons.

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“It’s the equivalent of the Large Hadron Collider acting in the atmosphere for a fraction of a second,” he says.There’s something satisfying about being able to report the conditions near you, but this user-generated info isn’t terribly useful, particularly in under-populated areas. It’s helpful, but the best apps also give you a broader sense of the weather in the region so you know how your hyper-local forecast fits into the big picture.This info helps you forecast your local conditions beyond the next hour or two. You can’t cache weather data because weather data is constantly changing. The best apps are updated constantly with new radar images and forecasts, so if you don’t have a solid connection, they’re not going to do you any good. How it works: Most weather apps worth your data plan use NEXRAD’s radar data, (a network of next-generation radar stations operated by the National Weather Service), and WU follows that model too.We had 524 mutual friends on Facebook and most of those are part of a storm chasing community which is devastate by these deaths.The Spotter Network, which transmits chaser's positions during storms, organized a rearrangement of locations that spelled out his initials this morning.