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Last year Fredricks said the staff identified the indoor pool and fitness center as an area that needed attention.

“We also thought about capitalizing on fitness as a way to attract a new audience, particularly pre-retirees with an interest in exercise and fitness.

"No one here believes I'm a top," I thought to myself while taking the first sip of my second overpriced beer. " he yelled, throwing them to one side of the proverbial gymnasium. I was surprised to see that of the 30-ish men there, only three (including me) were dressed up.

I was less than halfway through a night of gay speed dating for "bottoms" and "tops" and had already been asked three times if I was in the right group. You're gayer than Judy Garland's Christmas ornaments. " I eventually "lost" my name tag at some point in the night. Far too many of the men, who were essentially about to go on at least 15 first dates, were wearing T-shirts and tank tops.

(I'd like to go on record and say those men are horrible, and the human equivalent of a parfait.) The men here were normal dudes: mostly over 30, and mostly in custody of faces I almost instantly forgot. Have you ever been at a party and realized, with a cold sweat and a shiver of dread, that you were the smartest one in the room?

It's happened to me once before; I realized that if I was the smartest person in the room, then we were all screwed.

“Leadership Delaware is designed to identify, educate, influence and empower our next generation of leaders,” explains Chairman and CEO Terry Strine.

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“We had the privilege of working with four young, very bright professionals from the Leadership Delaware Institute (LDI),” explains Carolyn Fredricks, MMC’s President and CEO.

Matches will then compete with each other for the grand prize: a 0 dinner from Sear Steakhouse and a 0 night stay at the Lafayette Hotel (don’t worry, you do not need to redeem the prize that night).

“It will be a fun carefree environment,” Mc Laughlin says, “and the open bar will give people liquid courage.” From 6 p.m.

And that would help us towards a larger goal of updating the Center’s image,” Fredericks adds.

At the same time, a non-profit initiative was in development by LDI, a statewide program that identifies and develops young business leaders to strengthen their potential for broader contributions and impact.