Single parent dating north carolina

Some may be good, but the majority are expensive and some are almost criminally so.In recent times, government regulation has driven most of the really bad ones out of sight, but do proceed with caution if you decide to take a loan of this type.

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It has an Atlantic coastline, stunning mountains, thriving cities and much beautiful countryside.With the Economy in a “slump” statistics show more and more families have a single parent. There are lots of opportunities and Single Parent Programs to Buy A Home in North Carolina!If you are in this situation, and want to purchase a home, there are some very specific details you should know: FHA will consider part-time jobs if you’ve only had that part-time job for 18 months – most other underwriting requires you to have a 24 month history of working 2 jobs. )You have to have evidence that you have received child support, on time, for a year for it to count as income.So if you have a child who is 12 and a child who is 16 – we would only count the 12 year old’s portion of your support in qualifying you for the mortgage. we are only going to count that payment against you (like a car loan) if you have more than 9 months of payments left per your agreement.If you are behind on Child Support or Alimony, and the court is garnishing wages for those payments, we would need 12 months history of that “work out” being made on time. You can purchase a home without being married to the other borrower.