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The food isn't always pretty, but it IS practical and particularly suited to the environment and resources of the region.Besides, who needs intentionally designed farm-to-table food when you've got fresh fish flung from the lake to your plate and venison jerky made by the hunter who caught it?To Download: Right click on an icon or description and then click on “save target” and save to your computer.

It is hoped that it will be a reference tool that will assist you in your efforts to be heard by public officials.

Behold, the 24 finest eating experiences you'll find in the UP.

Coffee snobs might fear the Great Green North as a purgatory of bad diner coffee, but rest assured, they are wrong.

There are actually many excellent independent coffee roasters in this part of the state, and some wonderful cafés that serve them.

Café Rosetta in Calumet, on the Keweenaw Peninsula, is one such café.

Sex dating in calumet michigan