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"We're putting our foot out there into the upper market.

We want to appeal to a bigger variety of customers.

I went doctors because I have sinusitis and asked him about the breast milk and he said it could be stress and after my sinuses gone If milk still comes out then go back for a check up. There is a name for it think its gallactorrhea (spelling?

I had this from one breast I was on microgynon doc did a breast exam and had bloods ect done all normal it carried on for months I got pregnant and breast fed and once I stopped breast feeding it stopped think it lasted 2years in total must have been hormonal but nothing showed in tests.

While Wendy's Supa Sundaes stores are a familiar sight in Christchurch, with seven locations at shopping centres around the city, the Wendy's Milk Bar is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Wendy's spokeswoman Elizabeth Mybrugh said the milk bar is a new concept for the franchise and is "more upmarket" in comparison to its existing brand.

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