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This file contains much miscellaneous information of relevance to the Maitland and related families and properties Photographs & Maps: Giddy Hall Air Photo in 1952. 1755 & 1804 Maps with Gazetteer References & Sources: DPNJ: Dictionary of Place-Names in Jamaica (extracts) Inez Knibb Sibley (Institute of Jamaica 1978). (extended by visit 4/02) JS: "Jamaica Surveyed" by BW Higman. The next property to Giddy Hall, Mount Charles was also owned by Andrew Maitland, son of Francis (1).

HBJ----: Handbook of Jamaica yyyy or Jamaica Almanack yyyy. Map1804: 1804 Map of Jamaica Properties LDS: Mormon Parish Records etc. "Thomas Thistlewood in Jamaica, 1750-86", by Douglas Hall, University of West Indies Press (ISBN 976-640-066-0) - a graphic description of the life of a planter in the period, from his diaries. The Western Design An account of Cromwells Expedition to the Caribbean. A property just in Westmoreland from St Elizabeth called The Cove was owned by Patty Penford.

One important portage in Pennsylvania was near Erie, going from the lake overland to French Creek which leads to the Allegheny River.

It was said that the Maitlands owned most of the property between Lacovia and Black River.

Mitchum and Silver Grove belonged to Ann Maitland's father Andrew Wright.

The French eventually built Fort Le Boeuf (supposedly named for the buffalo herds in the region) near Waterford on French Creek to control this portage.

Another important Indian portage (not used by the French) was part of the Shamokin Trail and went from Emporium on the Sinnemahoning Creek branch of the Susquehanna River north to Port Allegheny on the Allegheny River.