Real estate is like dating

Three-quarters (77%) of home buyers say they'll know immediately when they've found their ideal house, says the BMO Harris Bank survey.From the get-go, my house search had something in common with an illicit affair.You flip through profiles late at night, and certain phrases or well-lit photos make your heart skip a beat. A little over half of home buyers (52%) believe they will find their dream home in their price range, while 48% say it's impossible, according to a 2014 survey by BMO Harris Bank.And when you think you may have found “The One," you figure it's time to make an assessment in person. People are way more optimistic when it comes to love. )Home buyers, be prepared for the long haul: Buyers typically search for 10 weeks and look at 10 homes before purchasing, according to the National Association of Realtors®. According to a British study, an average adult woman will have The Internet has made finding a home much easier than ever.

And of course my friends knew I was interested, and would provide suggestions from time to time. I talk to people every chance I get and meet potential clients that way. I send out marketing materials, and work at open houses and floor time.

I use multiple methods to contact potential clients. So step one was finding guys that I might be interested in dating, “might” being the key word here.

Once I did my preliminary screening on line (they didn’t drool in their pictures, they seemed to have all their teeth, their profile had something of interest in it) the potential dates needed to pass a few of my checkpoints before I actually agreed to meet.

It hit me when I read my own text: "Saturday's good. The kids will see you." No, it was not a secret boyfriend I'd messaged, but my "wingman" in this escapade — my real estate agent.

He wanted me to check out what he called "the inventory." By which, of course, he meant houses that were up for sale, not men.