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The Premier version of Quicken for 2015 adds some new features that users may find useful.Versions are offered for both the Windows and Mac operating systems, though this review is limited to the Windows version.Earlier, people use pen and paper to track their finances, but now one you can calculate it mechanically.

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Services such as Mint.com, which Intuit bought, and Personal Capital continue to add services that directly compete with Quicken, but Quicken still easily retains the largest market and mind share of the personal finance software market.The vast majority of users are not experiencing hangs associated with OSU. I should add that the Mobile/Cloud services were released "not ready for prime time" so to the extent you are using those, they most definitely could be the cause of the "hang".To the extent you would like to help troubleshoot and identify the configuration settings causing the hang, I'm ready to help. For that reason, I don't use them and won't until I see an indication they work more reliably and don't cause more trouble than they are worth.In this update, a customer will get range of new features.As per the recent reports, Quicken 2016 has introduced a few features for Windows i.e. In order to grab the latest features for your Windows, you need to follow a few simple steps, these include: Quicken has also released Mondo Patch for Windows users. If one or more than one Quicken system files get deleted, then you can utilize this feature to patch your program.