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As soon as the hopeful men take the bait and send her the cash, she unmatches them.

The trick started as a joke as a friend of Maggie's suggested she give it a try, but after it started working, she decided to keep it going for a little while.'It's really a foolproof plan, because I'm not actually promising anything, I just say "see what happens,"' she told Buzz Feed News.

In just one week she has received 'donations' from more than 20 men, and claims that one in five men who ask about the comment in her bio send money.

The most she has received from a single match is , but claims that some matches have offered to send her even more.

We currently only accept payment via Pay Pal account.

All payments are processed in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

She doesn't promise the men anything, but several men have already turned over their hard-earned money with hopes that they will be rewarded.A troll by the name of i Nexus_Ninja has been doing exactly this.However, when he tried to go to Pay Pal to refund the charges, Pay Pal decided to deny his request which ultimately left the troll ,000 in debt. In this article you can hear about actual costs, see how to identify cheap sex cams and even learn how to pay less than the listed price.I will tell you all about sex chat Pay Pal payments and Payoneer, elaborate on the concept of ECheck and will show you how easy it is to pay online while staying perfectly safe and discreet.