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It’s not even particularly taking a stance on gun control so much as it is reminding people how important gun safety is, particularly where children are involved.

Brandon’s mom was confident that her gun was locked away, but as Amelia reminds her, kids pick up on things their parents do.

Viermal im Jahr erzhlt das Magazin von den groen Siegen und Niederlagen, den Abgrnden und Sternstunden und dem Leben dazwischen: in Job, Beziehungen, Hobby und Glauben.

;) Anyway, between all these shows plus a few throwaway references to Tinder on other mainstream sitcoms, I’m happy to see online dating portrayed as being realistically common.

A gentleman dependably needs to have a young lady next to him, and presumably the best young ladies to do that are Convince sexy college girls theyre cool, exciting and certainly somebody wholl warm chilly night and offer shading to your fairly dull days.

But since it’s not here yet, we’ll have to settle for this other blog post instead. ) I’m sort of surprised by how terribly Selfie is getting reviewed.

:) Burger King’s recent Chicken Fries commercial caught my attention. Kind of morbid since the fries it advertises are MADE OUT OF THE PROTAGONIST, but whatever—I’m an expert in online dating, not fast food marketing. Not only does it tackle the obvious stuff like the obsessively curated self-image of its female protagonist, but it also takes on modern communication (texting vs.