Norton internet security not updating

The other two I am reluctant to leave on for any length of time.I've disabled fast start on all, tried a couple more fixes.I had to physically remove the licence before I could do this as I had already used the 3 allowable licences and the Norton Removal Tool didn't remove the licence for me as part of the uninstall (why can't you make things work properly, Norton? And yes, before anyone asks, I used the Norton Removal Tool 3 times before reinstalling NIS.Anyway, the same procedure as for my first attempt - running liveupdate a few times, applying the patches and then still finding that I get the "failed to complete" message. Asked for a patch and it would install now it doesn't ask and has failed. Asked for a patch and it would install now it doesn't ask and has failed.

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The first time a tried to do it, it came up with a message saying that there was a bad image in the win32or something. They told me to write in update source page in menu. As a matter of fact as time passed after the installation of Kaspersky, it started to take a toll on my ram usage but Norton remained constant with it's good performance so eat your own words and do some research on your own before you jump on the band wagon of these marketing gimmicks fanboy. I think I may try Trend Micro or some other software once my licence expires in 382 days.Performed the Auto Fix couple of times with no joy, contacted Tech Support. Second, the lady that assisted me did the remote log-in and somehow got me upgraded to v21.7.0.11 (was v21.6.0.32). I again tried Auto Fix numerous times on both machines with no results. After a week or two going back and forth I'm still in the same fix.The HP is performing regular LU's although a few times they have failed to download but it's at least protected.It installed most of those updates and once again said "failed to complete", but it got to the point of saying a patch was available, so I applied the patch.I then ran liveupdate again and it downloaded some more updates but, once again failed to complete, but once again actually applied another patch.