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One option for redeveloping the Mission Valley site calls for demolishing Qualcomm Stadium and replacing it with "The Commons" meeting space and "The Bowl" amphitheater, surrounded by student housing.

The new stadium can be seen beyond the digital screen in the background.

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He’s run a North County locksmith business for decades and he’s a safecracker-on-call for local law enforcement agencies.Amassed over the past 40 years, the collection includes myriad styles of cuffs dating back to the 17th century, as well as leg irons, neck irons, thumb cuffs, a ball and chain and even a two-inch miniature pair of Peerless cuffs with working lock and key.Many items are rare and highly valuable, including several cuff sets owned by escape artist Harry Houdini, but Lyons’ sentimental favorite is a cheap, mass-produced pair of Japanese-made EIG cuffs from the 1970s that’s worth about .“I love those because they were the ones that started it all,” said Lyons, 61.Ever since the stadium opened in 1967, urban planners, politicians, Mission Valley residents and developers have eyed the site as an opportunity waiting to happen — to turn a centrally located, underutilized plot of city-owned land into something more than just an 18,500-space parking lot and occasionally used stadium.In the last 50 years, the valley has seen untold numbers of condos, apartments, shops, offices, hotels and restaurants fill up the 10-mile-long valley.