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Always be careful of what you drink and what gets slipped into it.

Generally, the more clothes the girls are wearing, the less chance you’ll get scammed. Whether it’s a cover charge, common for most clubs, or the mandatory purchase of two drinks, the club will get paid somehow.

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Some of the numbers are definitely erotic, making you want to cuddle up to your date, while others are straight up hilarious.

Emceed by the sassy drag queen, the Mistress of Sensuality, be prepared to gasp, in more ways than one, as you discover just how the tantalizingly toned bodies of “Zumanity” have flipped their way into the climax of entertainment.

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If negotiating payment with a naked woman makes you uncomfortable, avoid nudie bars.

Olympic Garden’s male review, ‘The Men of Olympus’, seems to get consistent high marks with women.

Gilley’s Bar is memorable for its mechanical bull and the strippers who ride it.

It has world-class buffets and some of the best shopping in the country; it's got Celine and Tina, not to mention Cher and Bette. Las Vegas -- every year it gets bigger and better than ever.

That's why we're showing you the hottest attractions right now -- 1 phenomenally sexy place for every year that makes you legal.