Kla tencor option backdating

San Jose-based KLA-Tencor, formerly KLA Instruments Corp.

Two semiconductor equipment makers, KLA Tencor Corp.

During the period from 1991–2005, when Schroeder was first president and COO and then CEO, the company’s market capitalization increased fifty times from 0 million to billion.In researching this post, I came across a number of recent reports on Henry Nicholas III, the once high-flying CEO and cofounder of Broadcom. While the story was enthralling, I didn't understand what any of it had to do with a federal investigation into stock option backdating.The allegations of illicit sex, drugs, and rock and roll reminded me of the 60s ... Sure, Broadcom had to take a .2 billion charge to fix the accounting mess left by the company's former executives.Or did a lot of CEOs just have amazingly good luck?A stock option gives the recipient the right to purchase stock at a set price.