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Here are a few things I'd like my future Airbnb tenants to bear in mind.There's no good reason for me to give you a discount. You searched for my place with a budget in mind, so don't bargain with me.I don't know how that makes it any worse, but it just does.Curry is (now) a former Lakers girl who parlayed her notoriety as Kobe's mistress into a career as a stripper/singer—she's a member of the Pussycat Dolls."These are our elite leaders, women leaders in business," Fagan fretted."It's this, it's the hookup culture." Also, only ever having sex with one person is the best way to happiness, because there's nothing to compare it to.

It's part of the general trend away from traditional marriage toward a looser, less obligatory form of romantic involvement.Staying for an extended period of time also doesn't justify a further discount on top of the weekly rates.What if I can't stand you after a few days or vice versa?"No wonder that the psychologists are calling pornography the new crack cocaine." In a statement to Life Site News, Grassley said that "important steps have been made to protect children from pornographers and other forms of sexual exploitation, but more work remains, given the prevalence of, and easy access to, child pornography as well as obscenity." "Discussion among policy experts is important to bring attention to the issue," said the senator.One activist attending the event asked Capitol Hill staffers and interns to do exactly that, pressing them to go back to their offices and ask their bosses to block porn, especially child porn, in their offices.