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He scored the lone goal in a thrilling victory over Portugal to propel South Korea to the knockout stage for the first time in history, sparking an impressive run that ended with a fourth-place finish.

Kim Min-Ji born February 17, 1989 in Ansan) is a South Korean sport shooter.

In 2004, he returned to television in the melodrama What Happened in Bali, alongside Ha Ji-won and So Ji-sub.

What Happened in Bali was a huge success, with its final episode reaching a peak rating of 39.7%.

Surprisingly, I live in Oahu (Hawaii), and so I must meet and greet him so bad!! I am so moved with your acting it made me cry like a river. I enjoyed every moment of watching new drama Entertainer. Happy to learn as well that you're happily married.. His eyes speaks body react to the situations was the drama made me join korean drama forums for the first time. i watched his every shows.i was falling for him deeply. I followed you to Korea hoping to have a glimpse of you at Hotel Walkerhill but could not get in without invitation so left feeling disappointed. Love your acting since 2 years back when I first saw you in Protect Boss. I wanted him, but seeing as he's married and to an actress I admire I think I can more on. So, like the guy who dies of cancer in that movie ( I am also doomed - but I am not telling my students in Korea that and no it is NOT a sexual / contagious disease so please do not go interweb crazy on me han pc bang net michesos) So it is best you wed her and I in turn see my doom and despair inwardly with only smiles for my small cute ESL bunny corean toekee kids...

We look forward to your early return to the screens with another masterpiece. JH in "Voice" and him are just killing it this year.... after a month of viewing all his drama I can say that Cha Do yon, Ah Yona, Yusab is really is Ji-sung, I came to that conclusion after watching him, why? We can see not only his eyes but also the vein in his face are also portraying his tortured heart n mind. Ji Sung is great...love love Love Ji Sung, you are one of the best korean actors that I loved to watch. Waiting for ur another drama like kill me heal me or secret love...Fighting?? Ji Sung deserves all the awards, He made every project just fantastic with his presence. i have seen almost 500 korean kill me heal me happened. Congrates...hwang jung eum unnie too, u are so daebak! I like his calm, smiling personality, soft facial feature and expressive black eyes (he is good actor). I have watched everything you've made and have loved every second of you on screen. you are always in my heart and my mind and my for fighting. That's the movie that freaks pple to watch more of korean film and BOYS over flower I so so love IRON king ...kudos and happy married life XO Hi, ji sung am one of ur fans from Africa, nigeria to be precise, i,ve watched swallow the sun,kim soo ro i love ur movies and i wish to watch more of ur films stay blessed and congrat on ur forth coming wedding with lee bo young. Hey Bro- I wish you the best in your soon to be married life...

A cute Soccer Star and a go around player for Manchester United; lets have a look at who Park Ji Sung Girlfriend is?

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It has a very different mood and style and I would like to watch his new prohect very soon Many hands clapping !!! Now i can't digestany other actor on the he is epic. I wasn't immediately but slowly you capture my attention with crazy movement. Lol : P ji sung oppa is one of my best koren actors....role in secret love was really great......i love uuuuuuuuuuuuu..............sung oppa fighting...also a fan of your precious wife le bo young..to see you both in a new tv series ji sung is my favorite actor among the actors that were aired in philippine television.. god bless u more ji sung - Ji Sung is very charismatic, and versatile as an actor. He invites you to seek out more and more of his movies/drama. Other actors also have that "it factor" (LMH, JKS, Rain). I Love your bad boy image and I like you so much in "Secret Love".. There is little left anyhow and I could not make her happy like you could since my Han mal mo mo mo is soooo bad...He made his national team debut in April 2000, and signed his first pro contract with the Kyoto Purple Sanga of Japan that June. League Division 2 title in 2001, and he was named MVP of the 2002 Emperor’s Cup.Park’s international profile soared during the 2002 FIFA World Cup.Congrats to the happy couple and I’m genuinely thrilled that hardworking Chae Rim finally has her man to create a family with and continue growing both their careers together.Over on the Korean side, former member and actress Sung Yuri is confirmed to be dating professional golfer Ahn Sung Hyun.