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Jewel sang and contributed to it, as did Beach Boys collaborator Van Dyke Parks and Tom Petty keyboardist Benmont Tench. The album didn't sell, Poltz left the label, and Jewel dumped him for a rodeo star.It would be five years before he returned with a new studio album, 2003's Chinese Vacation.In the years since, he's regained his footing and grown more prolific. For whatever reason, I'm not precious about it." With his loyal core following, and new directions opening up, Poltz is appreciative of where he is, rather than bitter over what might have been. I feel like I landed in a field on a parachute," he says. Steve Poltz (born February 19, 1960) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist.He has thousands and thousands of subscribers and so when he posted my email I freaked. I either go out for Oklahoma BBQ or Vietnamese Pho with Greg Johnson. poster by jesse burden I just drove in from New Jersey. My drive home was wonderful and I will write more about the trip home tomorrow. " Tonight I am going to rock the Casbah like an 88 year old geriatric full of Ensure and Cialis. Then Sunday I play a coffee house type show at Lestat's. I am not certain of the year as the forklift trucks in my brain are shifting the grey matter around to find the correct date. This means we must have written some other song down there. Looking at the pictures now I realize I looked like John the Baptist kissing a bag of weed. I still remember how cool it was to see Jewel s hair flying back in the wind at 80 MPH on a speed boat with an AK47 in her hands and mine. It has been too long since my feet have been on the sweet dirty soil of San Diego. homies yo what up dog and stuff like that you guys are neato burrito. John's band also includes ex-San Diegan Devon Goldberg. Then John Stinky and I all play together in the sand box and throw poo at each other. yours kind of truly, Steven Poltz Hi Friends, I finally found the pics from the Mexico trip I took with Jewel back in I think 1993. We were supposedly being taken whale watching by the Mexican Federales when they were summoned by their radios to catch some drug smugglers. There was much more that seemed to disappear or they must have had a party with. I was just happy to get the hell out of there alive. I want to thank the fine folks of Indianapolis for spurring me on to find these photos.

Poltz was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and later immigrated with his family to Pasadena, California, then to Palm Springs, California. I was hoping to make it to the end of the tour still wearing them but I don't know if it will happen. Steven jj Poltz photo by frag Hi Livers, My Wrangler jeans experiment needs to come to an end. Fabrese is being sprayed liberally by my tour mates every few hours. From Istanbul, Steve Poltz Sent from my i Phone that forces me to use crappy AT&T as its service provider.One moment two decades ago changed Steve Poltz's life. You come into town, shake things up and are on your way, always on the move." In the early '90s, Poltz had a band, the Rugburns, who became a local favorite in San Diego with spunky, acoustic-y college rock reminiscent of They Might Be Giants.