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It sparked rumors that they were planning to get back together.Now it looks like the actor has had a change of heart.After all, both Irina and Bradley just came out of high-profile relationships.Bradley ended his relationship with Suki Waterhouse after two years of dating while Irina Shayk and Cristiano Ronaldo ended theirs after five years.

The insider added that Cooper and Shayk appeared to “have a lot of chemistry with each other.” The source also quickly added that the couple is “keeping things light” and “just having a great time” with each other.Distinctive look: Irina's father was an ethnic Tatar - a Muslim minority group - while her mother was an ethnic Russian.She credits him for her dark skin and her for her light eyes, shown in this early modelling picture Debut: Early modelling shots taken of the then Irina Shaykhlislamov.This is the email I received in June 2015 As I mentioned earlier that Irina’s correspondence was put on the back burner it did not stop he forwarding many emails to me that I did not bother to respond to but each time another well staged focused pictures, apparently even with her mother.A persistent Irina keeps sending photo’s, This is the naivety of scammers Hi, My name is bin69. This is when I met my wife to be and married in 2002.