Includetext not updating

Open not pointing to Stuart Temp Right click the included text and update works fine Open another file in another folder from the File Open menu Right click the included text in and update now gives "Error not a valid filename" Stuart R Thanks, Stuart.

This sure seems like poor design, as it means that if you open a file from either Windows Explorer or the Word MRU list, you can get an error message.

I've got database-first Entity Framework generated file from which Domain Model is generated, and as part of build I want to generate entities by T4 code generator.

My server C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\Visual Studio\v12.0\Text Templating\Microsoft. Line=-1, Column=-1 5C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\Visual Studio\v12.0\Text Templating\Microsoft.

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Inserting fields can give you precise control over dynamic text in your document.Fields are an important part of Word, but it’s good to know that many fields are inserted for you through built-in commands and features.For example, fields are at work when you insert page numbers or create a table of contents.You can use fields to do the following: Yet another way to use fields is to create user-interactive forms.In this chapter, you see how fields work and how to insert them, and you find out how to use form fields to create forms.