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Yet, this is something that most parents can't agree on, as outlined by the following questions: If my son is living with me, does it mean I have sole custody?Gabi's Question: Does it mean I have sole custody of my son if he's currently living with me?The children involved in this case were born at a time when Melissa was involved in a romantic relationship with the children's biological mother, Angela Mc Gaw ("Angela").The Western District notes that the Mc Gaws' relationship began, and ended, at a time when the right of same sex couples to marry was not recognized in Missouri.If not, when it comes to Court time--You maybe doing what in Washington is called the "old two step".All too often, as you contemplate your future, you begin to search the internet for information on divorce, custody and law firms.

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If you are not filing immediately, you can file separately in family court.

Like it or not we live in the 21st century and that means computers and cellular telephones are apart of our everyday life.

If you are contemplating divorce or in the midst of a divorce or custody battle you should know that your computer and cellular phone can be your best friend or your worse nightmare.

Where a same sex couple is married and divorcing, and the child is born during the marriage, custody cases between same sex couples are presumably to be resolved using the "established legal framework applicable to married couples." In terms of same sex couples who are not married, there is a question about whether a same sex partner who is not a biological parent can gain any custody rights.

In 2015, the Missouri Court of Appeals for the Western District issued an important decision on this topic in , appellant, Melissa Mc Gaw ("Melissa") filed a motion to determine the parent-child relationship, custody, and visitation rights with respect to the two children for which she was not biologically related.