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All twelve, including the three Homestuck characters; Terezi Pyrope, Jane Crocker, and Davesprite, were obtainable via the Deluxe Pak.

Three 3-Paks also existed that allowed the purchase of pre-selected groups of three Namco Bandai and a random Homestuck character; all nine Namco Bandai characters could also be purchased separately.

At the moment I'm not sure we need anymore help since I'm doing most of the art with another artist handling the player character sprite.

Ahhh I love Eridan ;o; My poor baby got his life cut in half (haha I'm so cruel ;; ) which made me rlly sad ;-; I mean he gets all this hate which he doesn't deserve and I just*holding onto smol Eridan bc I love this baby*I'll look into that, as I did note they are hard to see on the humans being that their skin is left aracial, probably going to have to make the tears a light blue to make them visible or something along those lines.

Just post a comment about what you can do on the group page and it goes from there.Also, if you are interested in getting some of your Homestuck art in the Homestuck Community, just either send me a note or email me!Otherwise, feel free to explore the site and meet new people if you see any errors you can just send me an email asking me to fix something, just make sure you give me your profile name and stuff or you can always send me a note on here and I'll be sure to fix it right away!The Cousin envies the Prince's abilities at rolling things up, so they decide to take a shot at rolling a katamari around the Namco High school grounds.Unfortunately the Cousin gets carried away and rolls up the entire high school with a katamari, and as a result ends up in detention.