Friends before dating

Fans began shipping Ariana Grande and Big Sean back in 2013, after the pair released their music video for Ari's song "Right There" and looked beyond adorable together in it.But at that point, Ariana was still dating You Tuber Jai Brooks and Big Sean was dating star Naya Rivera, and the two claimed to be "just friends".Countless celebs have tried to convince the world that they're "just friends," while simultaneously going on totally obvious dates and posting totally not-subtle lovey-dovey messages and pics on social media.But still, they deny, deny, deny and play the "just friends" card up until the very second they finally emerge on a red carpet arm-in-arm.

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These famous duos may have had ship names and trending hashtags from the moment they were first spotted together, but they took their time making things official, claiming they were "just friends" before finally taking their relationships public. Their ear-to-ear grins and major heart eyes made it clear that Justin was def more of a boyf than a "brother" to Selena.Having such a solid foundation of friendship has definitely strengthened their relationship, and it's so cute to watch their love evolve from purely platonic to totally romantic.In fact, a bunch of current and former celebrity couples claimed they were "just friends" before they started dating.Dopamine, found in the brains of people who are addicted, is also involved. The level found in lovers is the same as that found in people experiencing obsessive compulsion.No wonder partners both obsess about the loved one and idealize the person. I’m saying I’ve got the secret for having your cake and eating it, too.