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If they do, it would inevitably become one of the biggest pedophile scandals in America’s history.

The closeted perv has never come out as gay — and even has children of his own.

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He was the “kingpin” of a child sex ring that ensnared Haim and Corey Feldman, multiple sources have told Radar over the span of a gut-wrenching, four-year investigation into the Hollywood scandal and cover up.

An autopsy determined Robinson was beaten, strangled and had her throat cut, prosecutors said. by friends inside a garage in the 16200 block of South Hamlin Avenue, authorities said.

Rosales saw a picture of the teenager on a posting on the website and had sex with her in a truck on Dec. A bloody knife was found in the garage, prosecutors said.

Their worries grew even more when she stopped contacting the family altogether before Christmas, she said.

Prosecutors say Rosales was attending a party in a garage in Markham that started on Dec.