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But this week I found out it’s trivially easy to get access to someone’s message history.

Telegram stores users’ message history on its servers.

I would also like to thank MGT and all of its' shareholders for the opportunity to be part of something very special. Run demonsaw clients and routers in a graphical or command-line interface. Demonsaw will update this statement as needed with any changes, the next being on or before December 27, 2026.

I will be at DEF CON 25, and will be unveiling the new product on July 27th. You can use demonsaw anywhere without being blocked or monitored by anyone. Demonsaw has been tested on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Debian 8, Cent OS, Arch, Raspbian, and Android. For more information around what inspired this statement check out Canarywatch Demonsaw was created to free us from the oppression of governments and corporations who are committed to destroying our privacy.

“And the reason why I’m doing this is because her father raped my sister.” The caller, who identified himself as John Defanno, said that he had the 18-year-old Danielle and her dad tied up in their home in Security, a suburb of Colorado Springs. But when they arrived, they found no gunman, no hostages, no blood.

Danielle and her father were safe and sound at home — alone.

On the phone, he became “Lil’ Hacker,” the most skilled member of a small band of telephone pranksters known as “phreaks.” To punish Danielle, who had pissed him off on a chat line, Weigman had phoned 911 and posed as a psycho, rigging his caller ID to make it look like the emergency call was coming from inside Danielle’s home.Support is available by email , of course, but also via online chat, and, in option, phone during business hours.If you have subscribed to the "a la carte" service for a dedicated account manager , you will have a direct line to call at any time.Governments and Corporations will soon learn who is in control. Believe in the Right to Share As of the date above, Demonsaw has not received any National Security Letters or any orders under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.I would like to thank John Mc Afee for his enduring and unwavering friendship, for taking the time to mentor me, and for encouraging me to take this intrepid step forward. Demonsaw does not have any knowledge of any search orders that have been issued or carried out.