Eikura nana dating dating bar ti szeretet

The two of them met while working on the TBS Autumn 2014 drama "N no tame ni" and started off as friends but started dating since last spring.

They were also said to have gone overseas for a trip with other friends during Eikura's birthday on 12 February.

They didn't even try to disguise themselves and simply enjoyed being together. Even in their private time they often go out to have some meals together.

Kaku released a statement that read, "I was sure that I could spend my life brightly and happily if it's with her." While Eikura commented, "I am truly happy that I will be able to experience every single event in my life with him."Congratulations to the newlyweds!People said that Mizukawa simply wasn't able to stop smiling all day long.However, it wasn't just a random get-together under the trees, they've actually had a reason to be together."April 01 was the birthday of Takahashi Katsumi (49).For those who are not familiar with the actor, Kento Kaku is the nephew of the famous actress Chikako Kaku.He has appeared on tv drama such as “Hanako to Anne” and movies like “Paradise Kiss”.