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Here's a handy list of links to our list of local singles in each county in the UK and Ireland.

Chaps, the course of true love never did run smooth, but hooking your arm around a tree could limit the bumps in the road.

At Midsummer's Eve we have always specialised in local dating.

Apparently, girls looking to game their profiles should use the words “athletic”, “partner”, “honest” and “adventurous” — and stick to a natural #selfie. Lads: correct me if you’re currently notching your bedpost nightly on the strength of a selfie shot in the sun-soaked environs of a towering oak, but I don’t see why getting papped with some living timber connotes raw sexuality.You are also advised to describe yourself as “spontaneous, ambitious, funny and adventurous”.Unfortunately, British men didn’t get the memo — they’re languishing near the doldrums of the international dating scene, holding only five per cent of the top dating profile slots.GDI live tweeted the UK Dating Awards, so check out our Twitter page for a run down of the night, and to see some pictures from the ceremony.Congratulations to all the winners last night, and organisers for putting on another great event – take a look at the full list of winners, highly commended and nominees below: Simon is the editor of Global Dating Insights.