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He is featured in the latest song of Britney Spears, “Make me” from the latest album of pop princess “Glory.” He comes on the stage with slick black styling and a black upper. G-Eazy set his named after launching the hit album in 2011; his real name is Gerald Earl Gillum.He was born at the state Oakland of the California, on May 24, 1989, now he is 26 years old.His independent album The Endless Summer was nominated for Best Rap/Hip-hop Album or Mixtape by Best of the Beat in 2011.He has a younger brother named James, who plays the trumpet.On top of his musical accomplishments, he’s also cultivated a signature style and was named one of GQ’s best-dressed men at New York Fashion Week in 2015.G-Eazy’s distinctive look and feel hearken back to his carefully curated aesthetic—the slicked-back hair and ’50s vibe of a modern-day James Dean; the sharp tongue and slick beats, often employed over smooth soul samples; the familiar arrogance, worn like a fitted leather jacket to supplement his invincible cool; and beneath it all, the almost boyish vulnerability of a lanky 6’4” rapper who has paid his dues to live the American Dream.Born Gerald Earl Gillum, he is a hip hop artist who is best known for his 2011 cover of the '60s hit Runaround Sue.He joined his first rap group, Bay Boyz, as a teen and began to produce a number of singles as a sophomore while attending Loyola University of New Orleans.

What made you want to take on such an amazing and influential song that has such a historic background and has been so influential to so many people?Several minutes after some thought they couldn’t wait any longer, at pm, a G-Eazy look alike finally creeped out of the red curtains to ensure the audience the anticipation will soon be well worth it, and even states that “[G-Eazy’s] about to be one of the biggest artists in the world.” The crowd’s response was unanimous.The curtains opened, revealing a timer of 1 minute with a drummer on the left and a DJ to the right, who did a phenomenal job of keeping the crowd entertained in G-Eazy’s absence.G-Eazy is a young handsome singer, also a topic of gossip among girls and social media.The activities of the favorite stars are noticed by his / her fans, so is the case with G-Eazy. From previous years we have found no relationship history of G-Eazy and he was single, but currently we got news from the source that he has purposed a singer for marriage named Devon Baldwin.