A short time later, maps were dropped and Shawn Green opened up his envelope.

Liking what he saw, Sverre was brought onto the team to create "The Master Levels of Doom 2." It was here that his carreer in the gaming biz started and it was with that perserverance of sending his maps in anyway that got him the job.

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Now we go to play Doom and have hundreds of wads to play that are all top-notch; we truly have choices as players!

So many, to the point that none of us will likely ever play them all.


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Mc Mahon is miscast, but he doesn’t really have a chance with this poorly written role, which turns him into a pun-spewing joke. Doom with Syndrome far better than any Fantastic Four movie thus far.

Reluctantly using their powers to help their fellow New Yorkers and prompted by Johnny’s marketing savvy, Reed is dubbed Mr.

Great Star goes to a royal event and end up meeting a stranger who she doesn't recognize, little does she know, it's her best friend, Marco Diaz. , Dipcifica Cap 5Bill Cipher and Dipper Pines have a deal. Full of fluff, drama, and rated M for mature themes. All characters in this story are over the age of 18. Star se marcha de la casa de los Díaz por órdenes de su madre, meses después ella regresa solo para Saber que Marco a desaparecido y Toffe a regresado, sin embargo el Regresa acompañado por los pecados de Su madre y su reino, una revolución a iniciado y las cosas no son lo que parecen (Cancelado, explicasiones por PM)A-list girl are very unstable beings.

But will her feelings for this stranger cause a rift to form between the two friends? Un Año ha pasado desde los acontecimientos de los hechos del Raromagedon como de Derrota de Bill a manos de la familia Pines, siendo que nuestros gemelos vuelven el próximo verano para vivir nuevas aventuras, pero debido a una noticia de Wendy, Dipper pierde esperanzas en el amor, pero, ¿Que tan cierto sera eso? In order to protect his family, Dipper agrees to become Bill's apprentice. In a parallel universe, Marco and Star are total opposites. Star, his total opposite, is the most proper princess from the Disney movies. This story contains Dipcifica, Mabifica and a little bit of Pinecest. When a low class guy shuns them or putts them in their place one of two thing happen.