Dating while discerning priesthood speed dating in hampton roads va

Our goal is to provide you with the information, support and encouragement you need to continue your journey.Here you will find resources to help you to take that next step in responding to the call of Christ.These are prayers and resources to assist those discerning their vocation.More Information Find a Diocesan Vocation Director This link will help you to find a Diocesan Vocation Director near you.I have been of the mind that I shouldn’t date until I feel more sure about what I am called to.

But I just keep on thinking that I "should" become a religious sister-not only because we are in need of religious brothers and sisters, but because I think I am capable of being one. I receive Penance as much I can now, for I know that sins can cloud my heart and vision.

In that, I mean, I have gotten to where I am today because I had first thought that my vocation was to live a religious life.

However, my desires for a religious life have been waning and I feel my heart drifting away from it and instead, drifting towards a marriage life.

Contrary to what our culture wants us to believe, a joyful marriage is not a privilege of some, or the luck of a few.

It is available to all of us, if we just invest a little bit of time and energy into making (and keeping) it strong.

Dating while discerning priesthood