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Yet that’s what we all want—to know more, to understand more deeply, to make greater creative leaps, to retain what we read, to see connections invisible to others—not merely to make the most of what we have between our ears now, but to be, in a word, smarter.By raising our mental game we would be able to pick out the most significant data in a company’s annual report, see immediately when a marketer or advertisement is conning us (“increase the molecular structure” of water to make it healthier for your Siamese fighting fish, as one bottler promises?“It took me about two weeks to get up the nerve,” Sue recalled. It’s been 30 years since I’ve dated and it’s very different.” Sue’s initial efforts on Catholic Match didn’t bring success and she briefly left the site.When she returned, a design change had taken place that temporarily confused her.If the information isn’t in there, no amount of brain training will tell you how the Federal Reserve system functions, why the Confederacy lost the Civil War, the significance of Picasso’s Demoiselles d’Avignon, or why Word just crashed.

It all sounds great, but there’s something that has long bothered us about the growing number of studies pinpointing ways to buff your brain: they don’t go far enough.

The ferry moved upstream to its current location where in 1878, the Richmond and Allegheny Railroad established a stop that was active until 1950.

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Learn More The last hand-poled ferry in the United States can be found in Scottsville, Virginia, 25 miles south of Charlottesville.

Hatton Ferry began crossing the James River between Albemarle and Buckingham Counties in 1870 but only did so at its original location for four years.