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Believe it or not, this isn't the first time that a resourceful woman has used a dildo to pull out a dent.

Cosmo reports that there's video evidence dating back to 2016 of something similar.

Having lost my virginity several years ago, I’ve never been the sort who would queue in the street for a beefburger.

Would, I ask myself, Joan Collins stand in thick traffic fumes, surrounded by men dressed entirely from their dirty washing baskets, in a bid to secure a splodge of meat slung in a bread roll? Would Stephanie Beacham linger three hours for fast food, with a blogger’s digital single-lens reflex camera jabbing in her back like an unwanted erection, in a bid to get behind the velvet rope in a glorified Wimpy? With this in mind ES Magazine dispatched me to Covent Garden to try the new hype-laden US import burger joints Five Guys and Shake Shack, currently being discussed fervently by a lot of people who should perhaps take up a nourishing pastime such as macramé.

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After a few swift jerks, the phallic tool pulls the impression right out. But there it is, undeniable evidence that a little elbow grease and the appropriate tools are all anyone needs to fix a minor ding.Granted it took her more than the sixteen seconds it took our hero from the Twitter video, but still. Just a few questions remain: was she just carrying that dildo around and happened to put two and two together, or was this a dildo bought specifically for the purposes of dent removal? How are genius women coming up with the idea to do this? Looks like I'm never gonna drive again now that I definitely can't face my parents after mucking up my 27-point-turn and hitting that shopping cart at Stop N' Shop! Last week I was going through a box and came across a stack of sticky notes.Each one had a sweet message my husband had written to me while we were dating.